Nipiagogio "O Protos Mou Filos"


1. Baby Level (0-2 yrs)

Especially for the Baby section we want to highlight the loving relationship that is required to be developed and daily encouraged between the teacher and the baby. The pleasant mood and communication is the beginning of the learning development of babies. Taking for granted that every baby has his personal rate of progression, we offer stimuli to the babies through interactive and educational games that will trigger his interest in learning.

2. Post-baby Level (2-3 yrs)

This section offers a special care for the kids by experienced and qualified teachers. At this age the children can receive a wealth of knowledge and also begin their integration to the social community, as long as we provide them with the right stimuli through the appropriate educational programs for their age. The appropriate educational programs are very important at this age because the child's personality and character begins to shape at this age. 

3. Middle Pre-nursery Level (3-4 yrs)

In this level we have children that are self reliant and have adapted to the groups. In the level of ​​early childhood education, the child will learn self-discipline, mutual respect, altruism, self-restraint,  kindness, dignity and build social behavior. Will feel the joy of friendship, will learn to defend their self and safeguard their rights whilst respecting their obligation to others rights. Will become emotionally self-sufficient, will learn to develop initiatives, and become an independent and autonomous personality.


4. Pre-nursery section (4-5 yrs)

Children who have completed the fourth year of their life take part in this level and begin the preparation program for elementary school, according to their level of knowledge. Our goal at this level is to make the child the receiver and transmitter of all the messages and stimuli that receives, for the best and most appropriate social-emotional, psychological, mental and psychological development.

5. Afternoon Care (5-12 yrs) 

Children at this age go to public or private primary schools. When they finish their school, our school bus transfer the kids to ''O PROTOS MOU FILOS''. After they have their lunch, they rest for a while and begin to do their homework. When they finish with their homework, a lot of activities follow, indoor and outdoor. Gymnastic, painting, sculpture, collage, role play, experiments, observations, literacy, math skills are a few of the activities we have. The main aim of the afternoon care center is always to have a family like environment where the kids feel like they are home.