Nipiagogio "O Protos Mou Filos"


Dear Parents,

I welcome you to the nursery school ''O PROTOS MOU FILOS''.

''O PROTOS MOU FILOS'' is a pre-school education and training center, in which your child will make his first steps, his first friend. We care so that the children can live in a happy, safe and ideal environment.

As you become a member of our family you will feel the warmth of our hug, our full attention and cooperation. Our scientific training, experience and passion for our work, as well as our positive attitude to life, guarantee you the best start to your child's educational and social life.

The first six years of a person's life are very important, as they can define the character and behavior of a person for the rest of his life. If you believe that education, knowledge and a balanced character is an investment for your child's life, then give your child a second hug like yours, in which he will get all the supplies that will need to have a successful and prosperous future. 

Give your child a gift of life.

Give your child the fundamentals to succeed.

                                                                     Elpida Pavlou