Nipiagogio "O Protos Mou Filos"


The nursery school and afternoon care center ''O PROTOS MOU FILOS'' was founded in 1991 and is operating successfully since then. Within these  years of operation ''O PROTOS MOU FILOS'' has proved in practice that can cope, evolve and continue a steady and successful path.

The principal of the school with granite will, love and faith made ​​her dream a reality. Creating a school that will provide students not only knowledge but also principles! A school to create integrated people with a strong and well-balanced personality. A school with love, respect and devotion to the most beautiful and sacred there is, the child .

In these years of operation ''O PROTOS MOU FILOS'' has been singled out for it's modern education, proper upbringing, family climate, constant supervision, care and love that surrounds each child.

''O PROTOS MOU FILOS'' aims to create students with a strong personality, enhancing all the creative skills that they have as humans. Self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity, sociability, confidence, love for our fellow man, quality feel of every aspect of life is what we cultivate in our students, in conjunction with our modern educational project.